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True Stories of
Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta and Family
Formerly titled: The Noble Sculptor

New book of a Monuments Men father, tells of a boy who stows away to come to America circa 1905, a sculptor, who stands firm in his love for an unfaithful woman, saves over 600 Allied soldiers during WWII in this true story.
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Only a fraction of the true stories in this book were seen in the 1953 episode of the This Is Your Life television series with Ralph Edwards.
Read the whole true story in
this new book!
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JULY 2015 UPDATE: A treasure trove of materials has been uncovered on Salvatore himself answering several previously unanswered questions and further reinforcing his reputation as the preeminent Italian sculptor in America of his day. Adding to that, is a large, separate, find of materials which will surprise enthusiasts of the story. Finally, the first long overdue redesign of the website is underway which will greatly simplify the site. As usual, all this has delayed the book which is otherwise inches from completion. It will be well worth the added wait.

JUNE 2015 UPDATE: Obtaining the birth certificate for Joe Goodrich took months but has offered fascinating mysteries about which we can only surmise. As with much else in this book, we have information never before seen. One of the truly important lessons we also have is on the importance of fathers in the generations of this family–in everyone's family. An entire section is now devoted to the influence of fathers across the generations. The draft is well over 700 pages.

MAY 2015 UPDATE: The draft has now passed 693 pages as currently formatted for the paperback. Proofing and last reviews before the next editorial review are still in progress.

MARCH 2015 UPDATE: Additional research into Mafia activities in Sicily affecting Salvatore's father, and all Sicilians, has completed. A handful of other sectional revisions are in progress. The draft now exceeds 675 pages without graphics. Editing is expected to reduce that somewhat.

FEBRUARY 2015 UPDATE: Beginning in the 19th century, and continuing into the 20th century, Salvatore's father, a Sicilian aristocrat, or his tenants, may have been forced to pay protection money to the Mafia in Sicily so that his extensive agricultural crops and holdings would not be stolen or destroyed. Most other growers around Palermo were also forced to pay. Salvatore's father owned multiple businesses and was a fine sculptor himself. He passed on his talent to both his son and his nephews. The draft now exceeds 665 pages.

JANUARY 2015 UPDATE: Joe Goodrich's story links to some of the infamous Mafia stories of the time. That Joe was not involved in the Mafia was only because his mother whisked him away from the evil reaching out to engulf him. She saved him even before he was born. The importance of fathers has also become an on-going and important theme, touching on several stories. Unexpected interviews have been adding even more. Our editor is helping to clean things up for us. Screenplay discussions continue, but the multiple movie-worthy stories in this book are not yet under contract.

DECEMBER 2014 UPDATE: Joe is finally complete. Well, almost. We're still waiting for a single document, some needed reviews, a bit more added material on his father, and our editorial review. Otherwise, we've got another Cartaino's story in the book. The book has now passed 200,000 words. That is quite unexpected. It reflects the number of solid stories and people now in the book. The keen observers among you may have noted a minor title tweak this month. We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Peace in the New Year.

NOVEMBER 2014 UPDATE: Things are on the move. Joe is still in progress (see the October update below). Editorial work has entered an exciting new phase. Of more excitement is the re-titled book! With the stories of more and more family members in its pages, we needed a title to let people know this is about more than one person. The story of Salvatore still dominates, but many others also share the pages. Readers should have a better expectation of what is in store for them. The title will not be final until the book is in publication, but we are excited about the new one. On our contact page, you can let us know your thoughts on it!

OCTOBER 2014 UPDATE: The "complete and unabridged" version of The Noble Sculptor is (again) nearing completion. It has expanded significantly. It will likely now exceeds 620 pages of solid stories and support. In addition, there are extensive standalone stories of select members of this family, most recently including cousin, Joe Goodrich. Joe's life includes stories of WWII and of his engineering patents that have been used in NASA’s space program and by the military. His successful life in drafting and engineering came after dropping out of high school.

Commended by both Britain and the United States for helping to save over 600 lives during World War II.

Well over ten years in the making, all come together in hundreds of pages of one family's Passion for Life and America.

•Adventurer • Lover
•Musician • Singer • Composer
• Sculptor • Hero

Father to famous artist, Salvatore Scarpitta, Jr., one of World War II's Monuments Men in Italy.

An internationally known sculptor whose work has already been seen by millions of people.

An American immigrant who put his life on the line for America, his family, and his beliefs.

Based on extensive research including original interviews, primary source documents, and eyewitness and family contributions, this new book is the most complete and authoritative work on the man and his family.

Have you seen George Clooney's movie, The Monuments Men? Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta was a real monuments man. He created monuments! His famous artist son, Salvatore Scarpitta, Jr., was one of the Monuments Men as honored in George Clooney's Monuments Men movie. This Monuments Man's father, Salvatore, Sr., was a world renowned sculptor. Eventually, he made his home in Hollywood, California.

Some are saying that this new book, a true story, is more compelling than The Monuments Men. Here, you will read of the true adventures of Salvatore, Sr., just some of which include stowing away aboard ships, crossing deserts, and sculpting the quintessential life sized statue of the famous Marlene Dietrich used in the movie, Song of Songs. Among other remarkable works, he constructed the figures at the entrance to the Los Angeles County-USC Hospital, which, at the time of its construction, was the largest county hospital in the country. Salvatore's son, Sal, Jr., worked as part of the Monuments Men in Italy. While working as a Monuments Man, his son actually saved his own father's work!

Why would his father, Salvatore, Sr., intentionally destroy a two story monument he had spent years constructing? Why did he become an enemy to Mussolini with whom he had a personal connection? Find out in the pages of this new book. Here is a man who loved his adopted country, America. He was an adventurer in life and in the passion of love. You must read the true story of the adventures of Salvatore Scarpitta!

One cannot understand Salvatore's story, or the story of any of us, without also understanding the story of those around us, especially our family and others who influenced our lives and whom we influence. Salvatore was influenced by many in his family. In turn, he influenced many others. Therefore, as a clear part of his life, our story looks at those others who influenced his life, whom he influenced, and of the legacy left by him and those close to him. Ranging over a period of 180 years, this story sees the connections in family, culture, and countries that are part of the man and his story. Within these pages you will find stories of love, adventure, betrayal, and of joy and sadness. Here is bravery, pride, patriotism and more. You will share laughter. You will share frustration and tears. It's all here.

Spanning two World Wars and beyond, this generational book introduces you to stories of Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta, Salvatore C. Scarpitta, Jr. (a Monuments Man), brothers and famed sculptors C. S. Pietro and C. S. Paolo, Gaetano & Maria Cartaino, Salvatore Pietro Cartaino (Turido), Joe Goodrich, Starr Abbott, and nearly a dozen more.

Touching these lives were Marlene Dietrich, Frank Capra, Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, John Boroughs, President William Howard Taft, Mussolini, Admiral John Hall, Jr., the “Viking of Assault,” and countless others.

Bring them into today's remembrances and histories.
Read their stories!

Not just one, but multiple movies live within the pages of this book. Read them all!

While you wait for release of The Cartainos: Men of Stone • Men of Passion, visit the Monuments Men Foundation website as well as the official Monuments Men site for more. Read The Monuments Men book by Robert M. Edsel.

See the excellent documentary, The Rape of Europa,
based on the book by Lynn H. Nicholas.

Finally, sign up to read this book at its release for a very personal look at a sculptor, a Monuments Man's father, who, with his family, heroically worked to save countless escaping soldiers and airmen of multiple Allied countries.

This story is more than one man's actions during the war. Follow his life from boyhood to adulthood through adventures, loves, and as an artist respected in countries around the world. Follow several generations including those who lived with him and generations after. Sign up today so that you won't miss this book at its release!





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